Tsunami Bomb: "The Ultimate Escape" CD

Image of Tsunami Bomb: "The Ultimate Escape" CD


Tsunami Bomb leaned up for their first full-length on Kung Fu, "The Ultimate Escape" was the first album without their signature keyboards. The focus instead became on uncoiling Agent M's explosive vocal presence over an album's worth of boisterous brass-knuckles California pop-punk. "Russian Roulette" douses its Andrews Sisters-style vocal harmonies in a punk rock and establishes a fun, freewheeling call-and-response vocal style between the beguiling M and her band of dudes. The same sound dresses up the raggedy new wave tour van anthem "Roundabout".

It's a record full of face-punching riffs and vocal hooks that just beg to be shouted at shows. "20 Going On...," "Headlights on a Hand Grenade," and triumphant, pogo-worthy closer "In This Together" are all standouts.
That's probably the greatest thing about TSUNAMI BOMB and "The Ultimate Escape" -- the band's joy at playing is infectious, inherent, and totally ridiculous. TSUNAMI BOMB never held anything back and we wouldn't have it any other way.