Tsunami Bomb: "The Definitive Act" CD

Image of Tsunami Bomb: "The Definitive Act" CD


"The Definitive Act" was the second and final studio album by TSUNAMI BOMB, released in 2004. The foursome spent over a month in Boston laying their tracks with producer (and former Hot Rod Circuit drummer) Mike Poorman. The resulting album is an innovative collection of Tsunami Bomb's signature melodic, alluring & engaging punk rock anthems.

Drawing from the many difficult experiences from the previous year the songs range from "4 Robots And An Evil Scientist," written about their previous recording experience, to the tumultuous album closer, "Jigsaw," ends with over two minutes of the band musically collapsing in on themselves, through pounding drums and slicing guitar squeals. Frontwoman Agent M's lyrics do nothing to hurt the album's dark vibe, either; "Dawn On A Funeral Day" is about being buried alive (emotionally as well as physically), but then they change gears completely for "Negative One To Ten," which is just about one of the happiest songs about how great music is you have ever heard!

This ability to walk the line between punk and pop, hardcore and indie, sing-along and sit-and-mope is part of what made TSUNAMI BOMB so special, and it's all here in one of the most elaborate punk albums you'll ever hear.