The Vandals: Hitler Bad, Vandals Good Tee


Created for sales at live shows only during the legendary 2014 Summer Nationals tour! Now available to you! The shirt of the best selling Vandals album of all time, with artwork designed by true punk rock design legend Mackie Osborne. Her other work includes the Circle Jerks' Group Sex, and the Social Distortion Skeleton. Cool right? Since this is our most popular album, we thought it warranted it's own shirt, so here it is. A shirt that says Hitler on it turns heads, and this is a great way to offend dyslexic people you come across.

Since these are from our current tour, it may take a while for us to get them off the truck and into the mail to you but we'll go as fast as we can. Sept. 2nd, 2014 is the earliest they will start shipping. But sizes will be limited until we can repress, so order now to increase your chances of getting them right away.