The Ataris: "End Is Forever" Vinyl LP

Image of The Ataris: "End Is Forever" Vinyl LP


Following up their breakthrough 1999 release "Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits", Kris Roe and his band, The Ataris, offered up the dynamic, dangerously non-punk "End Is Forever" in early 2001 as their 3rd album.

Along with singer/guitarist Roe, Chris Knapp (drums), Marco Pena (guitars), and bassist Mike Davenport wind their way through an expanse of post-grunge alternative and emocore more musical than anything The Ataris had previously released. Listeners familiar with the group's earlier recordings probably won't be too surprised by "End Is Forever" as Roe's quickly developing, gifted writing had always been the outfit's defining factor, making the transition away from punk's noisier elements predestined.

You won't have to read between any lines to figure where the band was heading when they produced this 2001 release. After "End Is Forever", all that remained to be seen is just how far the quartet's undeniable mainstream appeal would take them.