Bigwig: "Stay Asleep" Vinyl LP

Image of Bigwig: "Stay Asleep" Vinyl LP


The second album from New Jersey's finest is now available on VINYL! An amazing album, STAY ASLEEP flaunts tracks like "Dent", "1-800-Whipped", "Flavor Ice", "Friends", "Sellout", "Falling Down", "Smile", "Freegan", "Jerk" and more....there just isn't a wrong turn on this album!

Never heard them? Bigwig sounds like Strung Out meets Pennywise, meets a group of hardcore kids listening to Ben Weasel play his high pitched guitar while doing the circle pit in font of a Jersey diner. Got it?

Don't even bother reading this. Buy this album and fall in love with punk rock all over again. Trust me. You'll thank us.